Monday, August 16, 2010

Psst. . . can you keep a secret?

Have you ever been out all day and desperately try to think of something quick and semi nourishing you can pick up on the way home? I have the answer, Deli Pizza.

Stop laughing you won't be able to learn the rest of my secret. I have found that a simple Deli pizza (you know, the fresh ones that are wrapped in plastic that you take home and bake in the oven) from any grocery store can be an embellisher's delight. They come in a cheese blend version, meat varieties and some even have veggies and cost $5 - $7 each. I suggest staying away from the veggie ones as the so called vegetables can be a tad slimy.

Seriously folks, it makes a great dinner. Check this out.

Now mind you this version has been embellished. Just look in your fridge for whatever kinds of vegetables, meats or cheese you have available. I put some sliced portabello mushrooms, red onion, cubanelle pepper, hot capicola, shredded fontina and mozzarella cheeses (I had just a little piece of each) then topped the whole thing with thinly sliced fresh tomatoes and fresh basil. I also sprinkled some of my hot pepper mix on top of the tomatoes. On the exposed outer crust I brushed on a little bit of olive oil which made the whole thing gorgeously brown. Bake the pizza directly on the oven rack (be sure to take it off the cardboard, don't ask why I mention this) at 375 degrees for 20 minutes or so and you have a world famous pizza.

You can put everything and anything you like on here, whatever your heart desires or more importantly whatever you have on hand. Add a little green salad and it will look like you spent hours fixing dinner. One of these pizzas will feed four with no problem.

It's ok to start with something pre-made, you just have to make it your own. But don't tell anyone our little secret.

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